Aquarius Oil

Aquarius Oil


Aquarius, the water barer, pours on to the earth blessings down upon the earth. It is an indiscriminate sign seeing all situations at a distance. From it’s lofty position, Aquarius find the patterns in play and can suggest ways to improve and make the world a better place. The air is strong and bright with this sign. Fueled by domineering Saturn and tempered with the queer and feminine planets of Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, Aquarius has all the making of great and terrible, beautiful and strong power. Expect strong winds, but they don’t always blow in your favor.

Keywords: Progressive, Individualistic, Temperamental

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Sun Transit: January 20th to February 17th
Ruling Planet: Saturn
No Exulted Planet
1st: Venus
3rd: The Moon
No Fallen Planet
Detriment. The Sun

Scent Profile: opening, bright & expansive

Stephanie’s Astrological Oils Uses

  • Anointing candles, talismans, or yourself to connect with a specific astrological sign Ex. Full Moon in Cancer. Bless a white candle with some Cancer Oil. Mercury retrograding through Libra… anoint a blue or purple candle with Libra Oil.

  • Great for anointing mojo or gris gris bags.

  • Add to a salt bath and steep in the energy of the stars

  • Add to several drops to unscented hair conditioners or body lotions

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cypress*, Pine*, Lavender*, Patchouli *, Lemon*, Spearmint*, Chamomile* Benzion Absolute*, Vitamin E Oil
* Essential Oil

2 Dram (1/4 fluid ounce)

All Swamp Witch Stephanie’s Spell Oils are crafted with care by modern magic workers using both traditional and modern ingredients. Each component is chosen based on traditional associations, and a modern sense of safety and ethics for sourced ingredients.

Sold as a curio only. Our expertise lies in historical herbalism, and occult and magical lore and practice. Information found on these pages is rooted in traditional knowledge, updated for modern safety and practically, and is here for your enjoyment. We cannot provide medical advice or recipes as we are not health care professionals. Each oil is made with specific blend of organic essential oils, and is made with sweet almond and vitamin E oil for a naturally long lasting shelf life. These oils are not safe for ingestion, but are dilute enough to safety use on the skin or add other external cosmetic products. We want to help where we can, and maintains firm personal and legal boundaries.

With Love, Stephanie