Sassy & Swampy

Sassy & Swampy


Sweet and cooling. Cologne and earth. This is by far our most unique aoinint oil yet. You won’t find something like this in a dusty book or passed through folklore. That’s not to say I didn’t create it by intuitiion out of whole-cloth.
I was apporched by a friend to make something very “on-brand”. So I thought musky florals, sweet earths, and make something a little spicy. When looking at what I had created I thought it was perfect as an anointing oil for digging into the dark and swampy places of ones own soul and doing the work. Oakmoss, Juniper Berry, and Cedarwood lend to solar, martial, jovian powers. Dark myrrh and spearmint call out the Hekate or other Chthonic goddess. Finally just a dash of ylang-ylang rings sweet and strangely floral calling to both Venus (the goddess of love) and Selene (the goddess of the Moon). This is powerful oil designed by and for witches looking to do some internal work, where no others can tread. Blessed Be the Journey.

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Queen of the Night Oil can be used to:

  • Rub on fingers, palms, or forehead

  • Anoint a black, white, green candle… beeswax is a great choice as well

  • Add to a salt bath or ritual bath when doing shadow work

  • Put on while journaling or doing work that devels into the parts of you that cause you pain or scare you. This is made by witches for witches. Calling on the powers of the earth and heavens to help you in becoming your most powerful self. Fearless.

2 Dram (1/4 fluid ounce)

Scent Profile: Cooling with musky florals, velvety finsh

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Myrrh*, Spearmint*, Oakmoss Absolute, Virginia Cedarwood*, Ylang Ylang*, Juniper Berry*, Ginger*, Lavender*, Vitamin E Oil.
*Essential Oil

All Swamp Witch Stephanie’s Spell Oils are crafted with care by modern magic workers using both traditional and modern ingredients. Each component is chosen based on traditional associations, and a modern sense of safety and ethics for sourced ingredients.

Sold as a curio only. Our expertise lies in historical herbalism, and occult and magical lore and practice. Information found on these pages is rooted in traditional knowledge (updated for modern safety and practically) and is here for your enjoyment. We cannot provide medical advice as we are not health care professionals. Each oil is made with specific blend of essential oils, and is made with sweet almond oil and soothing vitamin E oil for a naturally longer lasting shelf life. These oils are not safe for ingestion, but are dilute enough to safety use on the skin or to add other external cosmetic products. We show our ingredients lists for your safety and transparency. We want to help where we can, and maintain firm personal and legal boundaries.

With Love, Stephanie