Attraction Oil

Attraction Oil


Any magic shop or botanica worth its weight will have attraction oil on its shelves. Often seen as attracting love, attraction oils have been used to bring money, prosperity, power, as well as love and romance. A general attraction oil can be used by itself for your specific magical purpose, or paired with another specific oil or herbs to better focus your intention. Swamp Witch Stephanie’s Attraction Oil smells of sweet citrus, bright spices, and lightly floral. Perfectly blended to bring our your most attractive and sweet qualities.  

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·         Perfect for anointing prosperity candles, piggy-banks, wallets, prosperity statues or coin purses.

·         Anoint the door knobs of your business on Wednesday, sacred day of Mercury, God of Merchants, Fridays, for Fraya, Goddess of Love and Beauty, or Thursdays for Power.

·         Add to poppets or mojo bags to bring better business or to bring love into your life.

·         Rub a drop on the stone of your choice and associated properties as a ritual to focus your intention and put yourself in the mind to bring your desires to you.

·         Put on petition paper to ancestors

·         Put a few drops in an oil diffuser while paying bills or managing your finances, or while getting ready for a night out with your friends or that special someone.

·         Add a few drops to ritual baths. Soak while visualizing attracting opportunities which will help grow, expand, and improve your business or love life.

Scent Profile: sweet spices and light florals. Bright and caring.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Coriander*, Vetiver*, Palmarosa*^, Sweet Orange*^, Rock Rose*^, Cinnamon Leaf*, Geranium*, Vitamin E Oil
*essential oil

2 Dram (1/4 fluid ounce)

All Swamp Witch Stephanie’s Spell Oils are crafted with care by modern magic workers using both traditional and modern ingredients. Each component is chosen based on traditional associations, and a modern sense of safety and ethics for sourced ingredients.

Sold as a curio only. Our expertise lies in historical herbalism, and occult and magical lore and practice. Information found on these pages is rooted in traditional knowledge, updated for modern safety and practically, and is here for your enjoyment. We cannot provide medical advice or recipes as we are not health care professionals. Each oil is made with specific blend of organic essential oils, and is made with refined sweet almond and Vitamin E Oil for a naturally long lasting shelf life. These oils are not safe for ingestion, but are dilute enough to safety use on the skin or add other external cosmetic products. We want to help where we can, and maintains firm personal and legal boundaries.

With Love, Stephanie