Natural Anointing Oils You Can Feel Good About


Everyday Magic

I’m not one for fancy magical tools. I often find things around the house, yard, the thrift store, or my grandmothers house to use in my craft. I love the little things that just make the world that much more magical. Even when doing big rituals, I want my tools to be clean, simple, and affordable.

When looking for an annotating oil that wasn’t just olive oil from the kitchen, I had two options available for me. I could make my own, and spending a bunch of money and time getting various oils. Or I could buy cheep, stinky, mass produced oils, or spend an arm and a leg for beautiful, locally, produced, hand made oils. While I do love and support local business as much as I can, it wasn’t affordable for me or the people I know.

That’s when I started Swamp Witch Stephanie Spell Oils. Made with pure essential oils, natural base oils, these oils are made with the traditional conjure, hoodoo, and root-worker in mind.

Let Swamp Witch Stephanie help you get what you want!

Our Philosophy and Products

We believe that everyone has a right to use what tools they want, to get what they want, harming as few in the process as possible. We make our anointing oils with local and organic oils when available, and as many renewable, biodegradable, or recycled products in the creation and shipment of our oils. There is a balance between using traditional recopies and maintaining a focus on ecological sustainability.

Our oils are lightly scented and are made with pure essential oils and natural carrier oils. We make our products like this to ensure the widest range of uses. Even people with sensitivities to scents or other perfumes can feel confident in using our oils. For individuals who desire a stronger scent profile, we have many products in development including double and triple strength blends. Should you wish to commission a blend, purpose, or scent profile/strength, please feel free to contact us with your request.

We Promise

No mysterious fragrances that cling to your nose or your clothes for days on end.

No petroleum based mineral oils.

No cheaply produced ingredients.

Swamp Witch Stephanie is here to help.