Who is Stephanie?

Stephanie is the woman and the witch you’ve always wanted to be. She is also the drag alter-ego of Markus Ironwood. She has a full backstory that is written in multiple journals, scattered word documents, jokes told between friends, and scribbled on bathroom walls all over this country… and parts of Canada.

Once upon a time there was a woman…

…and she was a swamp witch.


Who is Markus Ironwood?

Markus Ironwood is a professional event manager at Magus Books and Herbs and is also the founder of Swamp Witch Stephanie. He is also the host of the Arcane Academy Podcast. Having over 15 years of experience as practicing witch, a B.A. of Women’s Studies and a Masters of Education, he brings is experiences of witchcraft, history of western literature, and a desire to achieve excellence in everything he does. When not working at Magus or on Stephanie related materials, he enjoys going to the gym, walking with friends in nature, listening to podcast, and watching copious amounts of drag RuPaul’s Drag Race.


How are your oils made?

All of our oils are carefully blended by Markus in our in-home/swamp studio. He chooses each blend to focus on specific oils and scents based the western occult tradition, modern American hoodoo, and traditional witchcraft folklore. Additionally, each oil is created using techniques of natural perfumery so your oil is also a well balanced fragrance. We dilute our essential oils in sweet almond oil to 10-15% ratio. This is considered by most herbalists and perfumers to be a skin safe dilution ratio.

Our oils are made on the day associated with the particular energy for each product. Prosperity oils are made on Thursdays and Sundays. Love oils are made on Fridays. Magical oils are made on Mondays. We are working on refining and perfecting our oil making times based on more extensive astrological elections.

The base and essential oils are purchased from reputable companies and distributes who work with sustainable farmed and cultivated ingredients. While not all of our essential oils are organic, we are working towards a full organic library of fragrances and will continue to move forward with sustainability as a core value to all of Swamp Witch Stephanie’s products.

Why do your oils smell different than similar products?

Some brands of anointing or spell oils, or commercial cosmetics, hit you over the head with their fragrance. These companies often use synthetic oils to achieve their scent profile. We strive for a more natural approach to magic and perfumery. This means that we take great care to craft our products rooted in centuries old traditions, and have mind creating well balanced scents.

When you open a bottle of Swamp Witch Stephanie Spell Oil, you might smell one or more scents, often the top notes. When applied to the skin, a candle, a charm, a ritual bath, or other such place, the full bouquet of scents can emerge, with the middle and base notes lingering perfectly upon the applied area for hours.