Inspired by the grimoires of the middle ages and the planetary invocations of the Harranian-Sabians, each of these twelve oils has been hand crafted to reflect the unique aspects of each sign. From beautiful and fiery Aries to soft and subtle Pisces Stephanie brings to you a product grounded in simplicity of modern magic and the complexity of 1000’s of years magical operations. Wear your Sun Sign or your Moon Sign as a signature scent. Anoint candles on the full Moon for each sign. Celebrate the Sun entering a new constellation. Connect with a planet transiting through the sky. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Aries Oil

With Aries explosive, fiery nature where and how are you spontaneous in your life? Fiery mars rules this sign, and the blazing sun is exulted. Delightful and unabashedly themselves, the sign of Aries brings forth the rawest form of a planet which passes through this constellation. Strong willed and easily distracted, this oil brings the powerful nature of Aries to any working. 

Keywords: Ego, Excitement, Personable, Arrogant

Ruling Planet: Mars


Leo Oil

The brilliance of the Sun. The pride of a lion. The courage to take on the quest. These are the images the sign of Leo brings forth. Whether your Sun or Moon sign is in Leo or not, this oil will perk up your senses. Bold petitgrain floats on top of a backdrop of frankincense, sweet woods, and fragrent oranges. This is truly a scent suited for the brave and audacious knight that lies at the heart of the leonine soul.

Keywords: Creative, Passionate, Self-Centered, Warm-Hearted

Herbal Correspondences

Frankincense: Sun
Sandalwood: Moon
Nutmeg: Jupiter
Juniper Berry: Jupiter
Orange: Sun
Petitgrain: Mars and Venus
Cassia: Mars
Chamomile: Sun and Venus