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From my swamp to your home… make everyday magic


Welcome to the Swamp

We are here to provide you with anointing oils to help you get what you want.
Whether you’re looking for traditional hoodoo or conjour or ritual oils,
or natural anointing oils for your meditations, Stephanie is here for you.
Check out our ever growing line of oils and read Stephanie’s Spell Book
(a.k.a. my blog) for education, information, and inspiration. Bath and beauty
products to be released Fall of 2019.

- with Love,

Stephanie and fellow swamp creatures.

About us

Swamp Witch Stephanie brings you pure, natural, anointing oils at a price that fits your budget. She believes ritual ingredients shouldn’t have to be expensive to be good. No more mineral oil. No more mystery fragrances. Often organic. Always natural. Let this swamp witch help you get what you want.

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Samhain Oil


The dark time of the year is upon us. With each passing day, the sun sets earlier and rises later the next day… or at least in the northern hemisphere. The trees have begun to change colors and drop their leaves. The sky’s are gray and the rain and wind are cold. We are ever reminded of our mortality.

Yet, what lives is remembered.

This season bring the scent of sweet hardwoods, fragrant resins and spices, and homely herbs into your space with Swamp Witch Stephanie’s Samhain Oil. Each essential oil was chosen specifically to call to the ancestors and to welcome in the dark time of the year. Earthy patchouli and cedar woods are blanketed by rosemary, cloves, frankincense, and elemi. Perfectly balanced and crafted to invoke this special time of the year into your rituals and celebrations. We’ve even wrote a spell to help get you in the mood.

Love Oil

Humans have spent the eons trying to describe love. Its more than chemicals in your brain. It’s more than cupids arrows. Its more than love a parent for a child. Its more than chocolates and sweets on Valentines day. It’s more than a hug from a friend. Feel that connection spool out from your heart. What does love mean to you?  

It’s such a wonderful thing to love.

Even Stephanie can’t bottle what love truly is, but damn it, she did try. And she got pretty close. Blended from five different essential oils, Love Oil is a balanced rosy fragrance that isn’t overly floral. Nutmeg and Lemongrass round out the aroma to make this oil simply the best.

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Sassy & Swampy

Sweet and cooling. Cologne and earth. This is by far our most unique aoinint oil yet. You won’t find something like this in a dusty book or passed through folklore. That’s not to say I didn’t create it by intuitiion out of whole-cloth.
I was apporched by a friend to make something very “on-brand”. So I thought musky florals, sweet earths, and make something a little spicy. When looking at what I had created I thought it was perfect as an anointing oil for digging into the dark and swampy places of ones own soul and doing the work. Oakmoss, Juniper Berry, and Cedarwood lend to solar, martial, jovian powers. Dark myrrh and spearmint call out the Hekate or other Chthonic goddess. Finally just a dash of ylang-ylang rings sweet and strangely floral calling to both Venus (the goddess of love) and Selene (the goddess of the Moon). This is powerful oil designed by and for witches looking to do some internal work, where no others can tread. Blessed Be the Journey.

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